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Zone out


„Zone Out“ and it’s machine-setting is an experience for the players. All in all, „Zone Out“ is a 2D side pet sidescroller with RPG-elements (does not mean: RPG). The aim of the game is to „activate“ the „electric tree“ in the centre of the level. To reach the centre, the player has to activate all the different level sections around the tree. The emphasis of the game is, to make the right decisions, to develop the character and ask the new challenges. The player gets energy, shown in an „energy bar“ down the bottom of the screen. The lower the player’s current energy, the smaller gets his view and the chroma of the level itselt changes. The energy decreases through the actions the player performs and can be reloaded with „batteries“ which can be either found or bought. The player has also the possibility to increase the attributes of the character by paying money (for example: increasing of the maximum energy capacity). With this system, „Zone Out“ tries to create a rudimental economy system what forces the player to spend the collected money, as an ectra motivation to explore every corner of the levels.


Player physics


player controls

player progression