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Band of thieves


Band of thieves is a local multiplayer game for three players with Oculus Rift support. The players are members of a gang of thieves who rob a museum together.

Femi is an agile character. She is able to climb and can crawl through ventilation shafts. This gives her the ability to go to places that are inaccessible for other players.

Sahir is a strong character who can move heavy objects and lift up femi.

Alphonse is always sitting in a wheelchair outsite in the getaway car. This Character is only playable with occulus rift. He can observe on some screens in the car what is happening in the museum by hacking the security cameras. His main ability is to hack doors and security systems of the museum to clear the way for the other two players.

All three players must work together to at night to sneak into a museum and to get past the guards and security systems over to steal a certain object from the museum.


Player abilities

Enemy AI

Camera work